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Why work with Bitrex®?

Take a look to find out what our partners are saying about their experience of collaborating with us.


At Duracell, we believe it is our duty as manufacturers to constantly improve the safety of our products, and help parents be better informed about the implications of an accidental Lithium Coin Cell ingestion and the precautionary steps they can take to prevent this.

As of now, Bitrex has been applied with the exact same quality and quantity to hundreds of millions of cells throughout the production cycle, while ensuring unhindered conductivity of each battery.”


– Luis Estrada, Senior Vice President Marketing Europe, Africa and Latin America

DM - Drogerie Markt

“We at DM have been working with Bitrex in our private label brand “Denkmit” for more than 15 years – as additional protection against accidental poisoning. Because more than ever the safety of our customers and their families is close to our heart.

With Bitrex we trust in a strong partner in the field of additional safety for our wide range of household and detergent products.”


– Mrs. Julia Fleck, Product Management, Marketing Manager Denkmit

Systeme U

“On all our “U” private label products, we ask our subcontractors to add Bitrex® to their liquid formulas, in order to protect our consumers and particularly their children from the accidental risk of ingesting the products. This brand requirement, which has been in place since 1997 now represents more than 100 liquid household products within the U brand.”


– Systeme U

Child Accident Prevention Trust

“We’re proud of our longstanding partnership with Bitrex. Their support for Child Safety Week is a vital part of raising awareness about protecting children from swallowing harmful things.

We also work together year-round to educate parents and the professionals who support them UK-wide, with the Bitrex Taste Tests offering a great conversation-starter.”


– Katrina Phillips, Chief Executive, Child Accident Prevention Trust