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Bitrex® Helps Prevent Child Poisonings

Our mission at Bitrex is to help prevent accidents by making products taste bitter and ensuring we get everyone to do their part in keeping homes and children safe.

Despite everything parents do to keep them safe, young children have a natural tendency to bite, taste or chew the objects around them. We understand how difficult it can be to keep track of curious children and as parents and caregivers ourselves, we know that accidents can happen even with the best of care.

While most accidents happen in the home, fortunately there are many steps that can be taken to reduce the likelihood of them. Think of Bitrex as the last line of defence, Bitrex is a great tool, but not a substitute for these other important safety measures. Because kids can be anything they want to be, but they should always be safe.

Child Safety Fact

Accidental poisoning is one of the five most common and serious types of injuries for children under five. In England, 3,900 children under five were admitted to hospital with suspected poisoning in 2020-21 – that’s 75 a week.

Reference CAPT 2022

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