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What is Bitrex®?

Bitrex is the brand name for the bitterest substance in the world. The extremely bitter taste makes products taste so bad that it makes children want to spit them out immediately.

How does it work?

This reaction is our bodies natural response to bitter tastes, which has evolved over millions of years to help protect us from eating foods or materials which may be harmful. Children are particularly sensitive to bitter tastes which is why Bitrex is so effective at helping prevent accidental ingestion and poisonings in young children.

Why is it needed?

Young children are curious, having a natural tendency to place objects in their mouth as part of their way to explore the world around them. Since Bitrex was discovered by our scientists, it has improved the safety of thousands of household products and saved the lives of countless young children worldwide.

Important Bitrex® Facts

  • We are the world’s leading safety ingredient brand.
  • The chemical name is denatonium benzoate – but Bitrex is catchier! The name Bitrex comes from the Latin; Bit-Rex meaning Bitter-King
  • It is inert, odorless and only a tiny amount is required to be effective.
  • Bitrex has been added to thousands of products in over 60 countries around the globe.
  • The Bitrex logo on product packaging lets consumers know that there is an extra layer of protection. Look for our logo next time you’re at the supermarket!


Is Bitrex® safe?

Yes, Bitrex is safe. It’s also so effective that only a tiny amount (parts per million) is needed to help make products safer!

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