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As experts in the field of child safety, we’re here to help you do your part to prevent accidental poisoning.

Bitrex Certification

With just a tiny amount of Bitrex, you can join our mission of protecting children and give consumers the confidence that your products have an added layer of safety.

All products carrying the Bitrex logo have been through our certification programme, which involves independent taste testing of the products. Testing is free of charge to Bitrex customers and can be completed within 40 days.

Bitrex® Licensing Steps

These are the simple steps to enhance your product safety and begin using the Bitrex logo on your packaging to get the full benefit of working with us.

  1. Contact us to sign up to our Bitrex Licence Agreement.
  2. Send a sample of your product for testing, we will ensure Bitrex is compatible and determine the minimum level of Bitrex needed to render it unpalatable to humans.
  3. Once testing is complete, we will provide you with the Bitrex certification showing your product has completed and passed our testing. You can purchase Bitrex from us directly or through an approved partner.

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