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Bitrex® Partner Benefits

In addition to giving families peace of mind, adding Bitrex can also give your products the edge, making customers more likely to pick your brand over a competitor’s.

Why use Bitrex®?

Adding Bitrex to your products to make them safer is only half the story. What Bitrex gives you is a new business partnership that brings commercial benefits and expert support.

  • Increased sales – Research has shown that 48% of people would pay more for a product that contains Bitrex.
  • Bitrex Logo – The Bitrex logo is recognised worldwide as a symbol of safety. Displaying our logo on your products verifies that they have passed our proprietary safety testing, demonstrating your commitment to safety and giving consumers a powerful reason to choose your brand over its competitors. 
  • Improved Corporate and Social Responsibility – Looking after your consumers’ wellbeing adds real value to your brand and shows you care about your customers. 
  • Marketing support Our marketing team works with you to create relevant communications such as digital content, point-of-sale advertising, launch campaigns and much more.
  • Technical Expertise – By choosing to work with Bitrex, you gain access to our extensive technical knowledge and experience.

Our Bitrex® Partners

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