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Product List

We offer Bitrex in a variety of mixtures and pack sizes to best suit your needs. Our material is of the highest quality and meets the current standard of USP NF for Denatonium Benzoate.

Product List

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  • Bitrex Anhydrous (Crystalline)
  • Bitrex Anhydrous (Fine Powder)
  • Bitrex 0.256% w/v Water Solution
  • Bitrex 2.5% w/v Water Solution
  • Bitrex 8.55% w/v Ethanol Solution
  • Bitrex 21.45% w/v Ethanol Solution
  • Bitrex 25% w/v Mono-Ethylene Glycol Solution
  • Bitrex 25% w/v Propylene Glycol Solution

Pack Sizes

Bitrex solutions are available in the following pack sizes:

  • 22.5L
  • 200L
  • 1000L IBC

Please contact us for Bitrex Anhydrous packing options.

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