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Preventing Poisoning

Despite the best efforts of parents to keep them safe, young children have a natural – and maddening – tendency to bite, taste or chew the objects around them.

Here at Bitrex we’re all parents, aunties, uncles, siblings and carers. We understand how the rough and tumble of family life works. Keeping our children safe is our most important role as adults. But accidents do happen.

In fact, 1000’s of children worldwide are rushed to Accident and Emergency as a result of accidental poisoning every day.

Thankfully, very few of these hospital admissions are serious enough to need a stay in hospital. But some do. And for the rest, no matter how minor the injuries, the outcome is still a very frightened child and an even more traumatised parent.

Staying vigilant, staying safe

Here’s how we can all play our part in keeping our homes and our children safe:

What we’re doing

  • Working closely with manufacturers to make sure exactly the right amount of Bitrex is added to products to ensure that children will spit out harmful substances immediately.
  • Championing the use of Bitrex in as many household products as we can.
  • Ensuring the Bitrex logo is clearly displayed on products so you can buy with confidence.
  • Sharing safety tips to help you protect your children from accidental poisoning.

What you can do

  • Keep products out of reach of children. Place them on high shelves and lock cupboard doors and drawers.
  • Always keep products in their original containers and use the child safety features correctly.
  • Look for the logo when you’re shopping, and only choose products that contain Bitrex.
  • Sign the petition. The more people who support the inclusion of Bitrex in products, the more manufacturers will use it. And the more manufacturers who use it, the fewer accidental poisonings we’ll see.
  • Host a Taste Test and help us spread the word about Bitrex

Did you know?

Most accidental poisonings happen when products are in use.