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Who uses Bitrex®?

We work with brands all over the world, meaning you can find products containing Bitrex in over 60 countries!


Products using Bitrex

From batteries to laundry detergent, and from paint to pest control we’re on a mission to help improve the safety of all kinds of different products.

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Denk mit Maschinenpfleger

  • Household

Denk mit WC-Blauspüler

  • Household

Domol Laminat & Kork

  • Household

Domol Reise-& Fleckengel

  • Personal Care

Domol Scheuer-Milch

  • Household

Domol Wäsche-Parfüm Caps

  • Household

Duracell Batteries

  • Household

Edeka Color Colorwaschmittel

  • Household

Fourmis Forminix boîte

  • DIY & Pest Control