Marketing Support | Bitrex - Keeping children safe

Marketing Support

Adding Bitrex to a product gives wide scope for joint marketing activity. Over the years we have worked with commercial and non-commercial partners on a range of successful initiatives.

  • Training for shop staff to enable engagement with customers about child safety
  • In-store point-of-sale activity – such as shelf-talkers and on-pack promotions
  • In-store radio
  • In-house magazines
  • Co-branded competitions and offers – promoted through consumer magazines
  • Joint advertorials in parenting magazines
  • Digital marketing
  • PR support


Child Safety Week…

Retail partners also have scope to join Bitrex and the Child Accident Prevention Trust during Child Safety Week.

This annual event is one of the biggest community activities in the UK. Awareness levels of Child Safety Week events among all parents run at over 30% and the Week reaches a key young parent demographic right across the country.

Child Safety Week always achieves good coverage of the events in local and national newspapers, TV and radio.


…featuring the famous #BitrexTasteTest

Bitrex has supplied Taste Test kits to trusted professionals working with parents, enabling over 500,000 parents and carers to sample the unique taste of Bitrex.

The Taste Test is supported by branded materials as well as a comprehensive social media strategy to help parents and professionals share their experience of the Taste Test.

The Taste Tests have a serious purpose, but are also good fun and a lively highlight of the Week.