Increasing Your Sales | Bitrex - Keeping children safe

Increasing Your Sales

Increasing your sales

Because only a minute concentration of Bitrex is needed to reach the level of bitterness you need, there is no significant add-on cost to manufacturing. It is an extremely low-cost solution, and a sound financial investment.

It can be added to most compatible products for less than a penny, yet research has shown consumers would be willing to pay up to 15% more for products with Bitrex in them.


One of the world’s most powerful ingredient brands

As well as being an extremely effective safety product, Bitrex is a unique and powerful marketing tool, recognised as a leading example of ingredient branding by marketing experts Philip Kotler and Waldemar Pfoertsch. In their recent book, Ingredient Branding: Making the Invisible Visible, Bitrex is ranked alongside the likes of Gore-Tex, Intel and Teflon as one of the world’s great, value added, ingredient brands.

Research has shown that parents of young children would prefer to purchase a product containing Bitrex over an equivalent because it provides them with additional peace of mind.


The Bitrex logo - a visible commitment to child safety

Adding Bitrex to your products adds value to your brand, because it shows you care as much as we do about keeping children safe.

As our new Team Bitrex advert shows, we’re dedicated to making products as safe as they can be. And we know that some of the world’s biggest brands share our commitment to doing the same. They don’t just add Bitrex to products and display the logo, they actively partner with us in educational and promotional activity, on line and in-store, to help keep parents aware of the hazards lurking in every home, shed, garage and garden.

As the only branded aversive agent on the market, only Bitrex offers a visible demonstration that the manufacturer, retailer or brand owner has gone the extra mile to help keep families safe.

Did you know?

43% would switch retailers to one that stocks products containing Bitrex.