Improving Your CSR with Team Bitrex | Bitrex - Keeping children safe

Improving Your CSR with Team Bitrex

Improving your CSR

There is no better place to start Corporate Social Responsibility then with your own products, your own brands and your own shelves.

Nothing is more precious to parents than the health and safety of their children. They recognise and value companies that demonstrate that they have their family’s wellbeing at heart. By adding the only branded aversive agent – the only one that is rigorously tested and monitored – you are making a visible contribution to safer families.

Demonstrating concern for child safety will add immeasurable value to your brand. Adding the Bitrex logo to your packaging will do that.

And you can go further by working with our marketing department to make sure that everyone knows that you take safety seriously.

We’ve worked with companies like Halfords in the UK to help train their retail teams so they can discuss poisoning prevention with customers. We’ve worked with System U in France to develop a virtual online house, showing consumers how to make their home safer for children.

Our new Team Bitrex advert shows that our commitment to child safety runs across every sector of our company. From chemists to marketing, we can help you maximise your partnership with Team Bitrex