Consumer Education | Bitrex - Keeping children safe

Consumer Education

Highlighting the benefits of products containing Bitrex and educating parents about poisoning prevention go hand in hand.

Bitrex’s promotional activities with parents work at many different levels, but children and their safety is at the heart of everything we do.

It’s why we chose to put children centre stage in our new Team Bitrex advert.

It’s why we work every week to interact with parents across Twitter and Facebook – sharing safety tips and advice.

It’s why we have supported child care professionals through our Bitrex Bites – an online publication for nursery personnel, health visitors, community family workers and others concerned with child safety.

These are the trusted professionals who have helped run events that have introduced 500,000 parents and carers to the unique Bitrex experience through the Taste Test. These events have been run in communities across the UK for over five years. We’re always happy to do our bit in raising awareness not just of Bitrex but of child safety generally.

Child Safety Partnerships

We’ve worked with the Child Accident Prevention trust to support the national Child Safety Week in the UK for over twenty years.

We’ve supported similar events in other European countries and have a close working relationship with charities and child safety groups like the Institut de Prevention des Accidents Domestiques in France and the National Safety Council in the USA. We’ve built relationships between these non-for-profit agencies and our commercial partners - mutually supportive alliances to help promote child safety.

Bitrex petition

Our Bitrex petition has collected over 4,000 signatures, parents, carers, grandparents and professionals who all want to see Bitrex added to more potentially hazardous products.