About Bitrex | Bitrex - Keeping children safe

About Bitrex

As we all know, children are inquisitive by nature. It’s a fundamental part of their early learning journey. They’ll pick things up, squeeze things, chew things, break things, bash things. They have no rules in their little worlds.

Their tiny world is there to be discovered, by any which way.

So. As good as we as we are as parents – and there are no bad parents in our book – there will always be the child who penetrates our defenses, our best intentions, and gets into a scrape. Or gets hold of something they shouldn’t.

As much as we try and make our homes a sanctuary of safety, the reality is it can be a dangerous place.

As every parent knows, if a child doesn’t like the taste of something they’ll spit it out – this CAN be a good thing.

Three lines of defense

When it comes to potentially harmful household products and protecting your children, we believe there are three lines of defense.

The first line of defense is made up of things like storing your household products sensibly away from children.

The second line of the defense is where the responsible manufacturer comes in; child safety caps on bottles go a long way to help prevent curious hands from getting to the contents.


We know how persistent children can be.

So a third line of defense is needed – Bitrex.

Bitrex is odourless, colourless, and harmless. But it is the most powerfully bitter substance in the world. (Drop one teaspoon of Bitrex into an Olympic-sized swimming pool and you can still taste it.)

A tiny drop of Bitrex added to a product makes it taste disgusting – and so if it is accidentally swallowed the chances are it will be instantly spat out. And help protect our little ones from harm.