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Child Safety Partnerships

We work closely with charities and child safety organisations worldwide to help educate parents about child safety.



CAPT & Child Safety Week

Bitrex has sponsored the Child Accident Prevention Trust’s Child Safety Week for over 20 years and is the longest commercial sponsor of the event.

Child Safety Week raises awareness of serious childhood accidents and how to prevent them.For the past five years, Bitrex and Child Safety Week have partnered to organise the ‘Big Taste Test’ – where thousands of people across the UK gather together at nurseries, play groups, primary schools, community centres and church halls to find out for themselves just how bitter Bitrex actually is.

The Bitrex Taste Test is a great way of animating an event with a group of parents and has become a very popular and dynamic part of Child Safety Week. From Shetland to the Scillies, from Belfast to Boston, mums and dads, grans and granddads, carers and child-care workers have shared the experience of sampling the world’s bitterest taste.

We’ve sent out over 500,000 Taste Tests so we know lots of people have sampled it. That’s a huge group of people who are now more aware of how to prevent accidental poisoning.

But these events don’t just happen. We’re very grateful to the dedicated professionals and volunteers across the UK who have worked tirelessly to run Taste Tests. Their dedication and energy has saved countless children from accidental injury.

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