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Sibling Conspiracies

Friday, 18 November, 2016 - 15:50

Keeping an eye of toddlers is easier said than done. Most parents have their own particular tricks for keeping their well-worn back-of- the-head eyes open. You know the signs. When it all goes quiet you know there’s something wrong.

See the world through your child's eyes!

Friday, 11 November, 2016 - 12:45

At Bitrex we believe that the most direct route to making your home and surroundings safer is to look through your child’s eyes. Get your toddler goggles on and see the world differently. Here are five ways to see like a three year old:

Halloween Safety

Friday, 28 October, 2016 - 10:24

It's that time of year when terrible screams cut through the cold dark air...and that’s just the parents trying to pull the costume together! Halloween is here. It’s time for all right-minded people to put the lights out, duck behind the sofa and pretend they’re not in.

Toddler Terror!

Friday, 28 October, 2016 - 10:15

It’s a parental judgment to decide when toddlers can go out trick or treating – accompanied by an adult of course. The youngest members of the family aren’t going to be left out of something quite as exciting as this.

No place like home...

Thursday, 20 October, 2016 - 11:48

No place like home they say. No place like home for domestic dangers. Each year about 60 children under five die from accidents, while 450,000 attend A&E and 40,000 are admitted to hospital, some with life-changing injuries.*

How is your kitchen?

Tuesday, 13 September, 2016 - 19:54

Like a cross between the kitchens of Claridges and the place where NASA build the controls for spacecraft?

Garden Games

Tuesday, 6 September, 2016 - 15:36

Is this late summer or early autumn? With all of the excitement of back-to-school, September days are no time to surrender to indoors. The weather can be fabulous – not too hot and not too cold and just the last desperate wasps to spoil things. 

Bitrex & Mr Sketch

Friday, 2 September, 2016 - 17:18

Child psychologists agree that portraits of mum and dad looking like two octopuses eating spaghetti show signs of deep learning taking place. Art develops the right side of the brain, the bit where emotional perception, intuition, and creativity are all developed.

Time for the toddler Olympics

Thursday, 11 August, 2016 - 14:10

As the super-fit grown-ups hunker down on their starting blocks in Rio, we know who the real sporting superstars are – the toddlers of this nation - the fastest, slipperiest, wriggliest, athletes this side of the finishing line.

Holiday Hangout Harm

Thursday, 28 July, 2016 - 15:23

Where is the safest place for your kids? Out and about exposed to all the uncontrollable slings and arrows of the wide open spaces? Or snug in the comfort of your own home?


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