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News in 2018

Bitrex was discovered by Johnson Matthey scientists in 1958. So we have a rather significant birthday coming up.  In those six decades Bitrex has helped to save untold children and toddlers lives. It’s also helped avoid a huge amount of additional misery and anxiety for parents by protecting children from non-fatal but serious accidental poisonings.

June seems far away, but, trust me, it will be here in a flash.  So here’s an early fun warning that Child Safety Week 2018 is just around the corner - between the 4th and 10th of June to be exact. As usual Bitrex is sponsoring the safety awareness week, supporting the organisers The Child Accident Prevention Trust.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a garden, but if you are, then Spring time is the moment when you can let toddlers out into the (comparative) safety of their own garden.

Now it’s properly spring, give or take the odd blizzard or two, it’s time to start thinking about visiting relatives. More specifically visiting parents and in-laws.  In the old days a visit to the parents or in-laws involved not much more than popping to the next street, or even going downstairs.

But when families are more and more likely to be scattered across countries or even between countries, then the visits are even more important. 

The person who said many hands make light work obviously had never enlisted the help of a toddler. But spring cleaning with toddlers is probably a less taxing way of doing things than attempting to keep their inquisitive little hands out of the action. And it’s also safer; by working together you can keep an eye on what they’re up to.

Among the many alarming effects of global warming comes news that Spring is arriving 26 days earlier than it did ten years ago.

But does this mean that the hallowed ritual of spring cleaning jumps forward too?

In short, that probably means that yes, as soon as the early spring light reveals the shocking state of the windows it’s time to get the rubber gloves out.


Keeping kids cooped up is never a good idea but with wet January days they can come home from the park looking like they’ve spent most of the time swimming through the mud. Perhaps because they have been swimming through the mud. The up-shot is a sharp increase in washing machine action.

After the fun and mayhem of Christmas is over its worth remember that the process of returning the house to normal has its own hazards – here’s our safety tips for tidying up the Christmas decorations  to help you ensure that the vital twelfth night clear up should be done as safely as possible.

Christmas is truly over when the schools go back.  It’s a moment looked forward to with equal dread and anticipation, depending on whether you are the parent or the child.

After the excitement of the build-up, there is a different atmosphere when the last weekend of the holidays comes around and the old routine is about to start again.

It’s a big time for washing too. Getting all the school clothes organised, the swim stuff, the gym gear.