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News in 2017

You might think that de-icers are all much the same. Not so.  Different chemical make-up can mean that some sprays don’t quite cut through the ice. And when you are hanging about in sub-zero temperatures you want something that is as fast acting as possible.

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire aren’t the only hazard to small children at this time of year. There are more yuletide dangers than there are days of Christmas.

Here is the sound of winter - scrape-scrape, scrape-scrape.  Who hasn’t lain in bed on a December morning and heard the sound of early rising neighbours out in the street taking part the morning ritual of clearing the windscreen. And whose spirits haven’t sunk knowing that you will soon be out there too, fingers turning blue, knuckles bashing off the wipers.

Every year newspaper headlines warn us all that the coldest winter in a hundred years is about to envelop us in its icy grip.  Of course, if the warning comes often enough then sooner or later the  terrible prophecy is bound to come true. And the next thing you  know you’ll be digging the car out of the snow  to discover  that its low on anti-freeze and the engine is now a block of metal ,oil and ice.

The Royal Institution (Ri) has been making science fun since it was founded in 1799, and fun is what it was for over 800 children and their parents who crowded into the Ri’s home in the heart of London on the 28th of October, for their Spooky Science Family Fun Day.

There were headlines last year when a motorist was fined £600 for having an unsafe car. Among the three dangerous flaws the police found there was the matter of an empty windscreen washer bottle.

If that seems a bit harsh to you it’s worth considering that one of the most important thing for any driver, maybe THE most important thing is being able to see what’s going on in front of the car.

Christmas? Well, yes of course. Easter? OK, it has its moments.

But for a real party give me Halloween every time. Nothing has quite as much scope for toddler and under ten’s fun than a great excuse to dress up, eat the most revolting food and play the very messiest party games in the haunted house.

For hundreds of years the Royal Institution have been introducing children, and their parents, to the wonders of science. Bitrex is very excited to be taking part in this year’s family fun day out event in central London over the Halloween weekend. We’ll be giving over 500 families a chance to try Bitrex and discuss how this particular application of science has helped to protect children from accidental poisonings all round the world.

Another great thing about this time of year and the excitement of going back to school or nursery, or the extreme thrill of going for the first time, is the opportunity for new friends.

Let’s not undervalue the importance of education, but the value of social interaction and making friends is what nurseries and schools are all about.

Of course, later may come the fallings out too, but let’s stick with the fun of new friends.

How do you keep a room safe – here’s a few tips from parents –