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News in 2016

Bitrex is an international product. It helps to keep children safe in over 60 countries worldwide, which means we get lots of exotic Christmas cards with greetings in many different tongues. We can cover happy Christmas in most of the standard European languages:

Dutch/Flemish - Vrolijk Kerstfeest

French - Joyeux Noël

German - Frohe Weihnachten

Spanish - Feliz Navidad

Icelandic - Gleðileg jól

House full of relatives, music, lights, alcoholic refreshments, party poppers, all generations present - what could be a more complete Christmas? And what could possibly go wrong?

Well quite a lot, is the short answer. Christmas is the peak period for accidents with RoSpa estimating 80,000 trips to A&E, many of these miserable journeys start from that core of Christmas cheer- the family Christmas party. It’s not difficult to see why.

Here’s a test. When you get in your car and your partner’s has been last to drive the car, do you:

a. Pick up all the empty crisp packets, sandwich wrappers, pizza boxes, put them in a bin bag and place in a suitable receptacle, do a quick dust and hoover before starting the engine?


There’s 12 days, 2 calling birds, 3 wise men and a similar number of ships sailing by, 5 gold rings and 25 doors in an advent calendar. These are some of the numbers associated with Christmas.

But a less well known Yule-tide number is 5 – as in the five senses that you need to think about when keeping children safe in the face of the very special dangers that lurk in the Christmas household.

‘How could that happen?’ is always the post-shock question. And often it’s not because the parents didn’t store the substance properly. We all know about high shelves, locking cupboards. But we also know that in the happy chaos of the family home it is difficult to be vigilant at all times. Even the best eyes in the back of the head have to blink occasionally.

Keeping an eye of toddlers is easier said than done. Most parents have their own particular tricks for keeping their well-worn back-of- the-head eyes open. You know the signs. When it all goes quiet you know there’s something wrong.

At Bitrex we believe that the most direct route to making your home and surroundings safer is to look through your child’s eyes. Get your toddler goggles on and see the world differently. Here are five ways to see like a three year old:

It's that time of year when terrible screams cut through the cold dark air...and that’s just the parents trying to pull the costume together! Halloween is here. It’s time for all right-minded people to put the lights out, duck behind the sofa and pretend they’re not in.

Not for parents, however. It’s time for them to be a one-person theatrical back-up to their children’s performances.  And joking aside, we all know that this there is much spooky fun to be had from Halloween! 

It’s a parental judgment to decide when toddlers can go out trick or treating – accompanied by an adult of course. The youngest members of the family aren’t going to be left out of something quite as exciting as this.

But if you don’t want small people out and about – bring the fun indoors and have a Halloween party with an activity that’s appropriate for babies and toddlers but that include older kids too.

No place like home they say. No place like home for domestic dangers. Each year about 60 children under five die from accidents, while 450,000 attend A&E and 40,000 are admitted to hospital, some with life-changing injuries.*

Children are most at risk in the places where they feel safest. Bitrex is the safety additive which is the last line of defence, making it almost impossible for a child to swallow something they shouldn’t.