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News in 2015

Ah! Christmas - chestnuts, chipolatas and cranberry. Or to look at it another way, chaos, candles and catastrophe. 

It is an unwritten law of safety education that there is no event, season or fun filled activity that cannot be spoiled by the swift application of some sobering statistics. And Yule-tide is no exception. A quick glance at the figures below is enough to take the shine off your tinsel and arrest your singing Christmas lights in mid Jingle Bells mode.

The thing I will remember Child Safety Week 2015 for is the look on the Scottish Government’s Minister for Community Safety and Legal Affairs face when he realised that we hadn’t been kidding about just how horrible Bitrex tasted.

What was life like before the internet was invented? It’s hard to tell. Even those of us who are prepared to admit we can recall those times, have to stop and think.

But the reality is that we now live in a world of vibrant possibility. And embracing the opportunity, Child Safety Week has taken a leap off into digital space. 

Europe is on the front pages most days. Whether it’s that great moment for European democracy, the Eurovision Song Contest, or the slightly more significant prospects of the in-out-shake-it-all-about in referendum, European news is everywhere. It is a reminder to us that while we are technically an island we’re not disconnected. 

Any of us involved in safety know that sometimes what you really need is a good regulation. We all know the importance of education, awareness and common sense, but in the end sometimes you need the long arm of the law – or at least a central regulator to step in. Levelling the playing field, setting the parameters, use whatever cliché you like, generally speaking, regulation and legislation do the trick.

Or maybe that should be pause the Vine. Or even tweak the tweet.

The invention of social media has made it easy for individuals and groups to spread their words; and not just their words, but their smiles and laughter, too. Social media is now as much about images as it is about words.

Gina Mercier is Bitrex Business Manager. Continuing the transatlantic theme, she is just back from a working trip to America.

The UK and the USA may be two countries divided by a common language, and, as anyone who has ever sat through an entire American football game can tell you, there are some pretty large cultural gaps too.

I’m not sure how many of you use year planners? Who doesn’t love these pieces of organisational wall covering with their quiet air of potential and careful thinking with their twelve months stretching off into the distance? Not blank white spaces of course. What could be worse than a year planner with nothing in it? An empty twelve months isn’t giving of the right messages to bosses and colleagues.

It’s probably not much of a consolation when driving home on a black February evening to know that road accidents are actually much more common in the summer time.