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News in 2013

This year, we have had the biggest and best Child Safety Week ever.

We are veteran supporters of the week and value our long association with CAPT. Which is maybe another way of saying we’re not in the flush of youth when it comes to sponsorship. But this year was special. Not just in terms of media coverage and numbers of events, although the numbers are very impressive.

Here is Mrs Florence from Middlesbrough.

You might wonder why she’s smiling so broadly.

It’s because she has just won a family break to Center Parcs - worth £1000.

She is the lucky winner of last month’s competition run by Smooth Radio and co-sponsored by Bitrex and Prestone.

Look out for future Bitrex competitions - both for individuals and for groups.

Do major retailers like Tesco have more influence than politicians? Discuss.  

Not an escaped exam question, but a reflection on the way that supermarkets have such a big role in our lives. Love them or hate them, it’s difficult to deny that supermarkets set many agendas.

As well as ensuring that your car starts on a frosty morning and that you can see what’s going on through the windscreen, two of the UK’s biggest automotive suppliers are helping to contribute to safety beyond the open road - Halfords and Prestone.

Injuries related to fireworks have remained fairly consistent around the thousand level for the last years where statistics are available.

Road safety is a big issue all year round. But winter brings its own dangers. Technology, from anti-lock brakes to efficient screen wash, has helped keep us all a bit safer.

But products like screen wash and anti-freeze are two edged. Vital for winter safety, but dangerous in the small, clever hands of children and toddlers.

For most families the only memories of bonfire night will be of fun and festivities. More education and well-organised public events have made bonfire night safer, but while everyone is safely gathered in the living room watching the spectacle in the sky, the real danger might be lurking behind your back.

No, not a grand crime, but news from Scotland of an important development in child safety policy...

Child Safety Week 2013 saw the first meeting of the Cross Party Group on Child Safety in the Scottish Parliament. And Bitrex was invited to participate by Clare Adamson, Minister MSP Central Scotland.

Bitrex announces our greatest ever Big Taste Test event.