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Who let the toddlers out?

Hooray! The light is back!  After months in the gloom of winter.  You know the routine for the last few months.  The good intentions to get the kids down to the park even though there’s a light drizzle and stiff breeze. By the time you get organised the drizzle turns to torrential and the stiff breeze starts to turn umbrellas inside out. At that point there is a sudden renewed interest in indoor games.

Getting outdoors with toddlers is a good thing to do at any time of the year, but when the weather improves there are fewer excuses.  Here are a few good reasons to brave the spring showers -

  1. D-light – Or more precisely, the importance of light in providing kids with the natural Vitamin D they need. Vitamin D is vital for building bones and general health.  Don’t get burned, that’s not good for long term health either, but being in the sunshine is vital for health.
  2. Sunny temper – Research has shown that kids who spend more time outside are more cheerful and more positive than those who spend most of their time indoors.
  3. Fine and fit – childhood obesity is the great health problem of our time. Of course what your child eats will be an important factor here. But outdoor physical activity is a great way to ward off future problems.
  4. Social Life – playing in parks, gardens and playgrounds is a perfect way to interact with other children, building social skills, negotiation skills and confidence.
  5. Safety first – the outdoors, including gardens isn’t a controlled space like your own living room. In gardens be aware of dangers from garden tools or pest control. Blue Slug pellets, for example, are easily mistaken by toddlers for sweets. Check the area children are going to play in and purchase slug pellets which contain Bitrex, the safety ingredient which tastes so bitter that it’s almost impossible for children to swallow.
  6. Zzzzzzzzzzzz - the blissful sound of sleeping toddlers.  It’s a sound you hear more of if your toddlers are out and about. Outdoor play aids restful sleep. And restful sleep makes for healthier happier toddlers with more energy to go back out and start the outdoor adventures all over again!