When Halfords met Bitrex | Bitrex - Keeping children safe

When Halfords met Bitrex

Business partnerships between companies are generally regarded as a good thing. 

But most people in business would agree there is more talk than action. Enough hot air to float many airships, but not enough to get some genuine joint action off the ground. 

When Halfords added Bitrex as a safety ingredient to their anti-freeze, screen-wash and de-icer it triggered off a genuine example of collaboration which benefited both companies ... and made life a little safer for families across Britain.

Halfords is a company that lives and breathes safety. They are also a company who believe in the importance of customer service and having people out on  the shop floor who can talk knowledgably about their products.

So to be absolutely sure that the assistants knew just how effective Bitrex is in ensuring a child spits out any potentially dangerous substance, the staff had to have a go.

The infamous Bitrex Taste Test (click here for details), lets people sample the bitterest substance known to humans. 

Following their unforgettable experience, the Halfords staff were much better equipped to assure customers about how effective Bitrex was. And in case you think that this is a prime example of inhumane practise in the workplace, there was loads of milk chocolate on hand to take away the bitter taste. 

The exercise engaged the workforce in a new product and built the profile of both brands - textbook collaboration. But it also helped to keep countless children safe.