Whatever the weather... | Bitrex - Keeping children safe

Whatever the weather...

The UK has a world-class range of bad weather. This winter has been easy on the snow and ice. Fabulous! But what did we get instead? 200 days of continuous rain.

I exaggerate of course. It can’t have been more than 170 days.

You might expect that the lack of snow and ice would make life safer for the nation’s toddlers. In the past we’ve warned about the hazards of the winter lifesavers, antifreeze and screen wash. Lifesavers for motorists;  hazards for children.

Although this past season has been mild, which is another way of saying very wet, there are still millions of containers of screen wash rattling about in kitchens, foot-wells of cars, garages, and sheds. Often it has been decanted for convenience into other containers – old water bottles are a favourite.

Last year Halfords and Tesco added Bitrex to their main ranges of screen wash. It takes a few moments to look for a brand with the Bitrex logo but it does give long-term peace of mind.