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Treats or tricks?

Christmas? Well, yes of course. Easter? OK, it has its moments.

But for a real party give me Halloween every time. Nothing has quite as much scope for toddler and under ten’s fun than a great excuse to dress up, eat the most revolting food and play the very messiest party games in the haunted house.

What could be more fun than a house full of vampires, ogres, monsters, the odd superhero and princess and definitely not forgetting the mummies? Plus parents too, of course.  The arrival of each guest is pure drama even before we get on to the games.

And the fun continues of course, there’s no food more gruesome than the Halloween party food. So easy to make too –

  • Bat’s brains – walnuts on a cocktail stick
  • Dinosaur eggs – hard-boiled eggs with their shells cracked dipped in a pan of cold water with a few drops of food dye – choose your colour – black or red are good options
  • Eyeballs – a bit of patience required with to peel the grapes, but lovely squishy  eyeballs to share
  • Dead mens’ (or women’s) fingers – stick an almond on to just about anything – thin cut sandwiches for podgy fingers, carrots for slim elegant fingers – using cream cheese

It’s a long list once you get started and you can incorporate them into party games too.  Anyone  for “lick the bat’s blood?” All you need are pancakes strung on a string, loads of treacle dripping from them, adventurous kids and lots of mums who don’t mind taking home very sticky children.

Great fun, but don’t blame me if the kitchen takes two weeks to recover. All these Halloween party food ideas work well because they look horrible but taste good – honestly. And none are harmful – as look as you don’t overdo the treacle and keep up the tooth brushing routine.

What’s more worrying are the many things that look good but are harmful. The cleaners and other products we all need round the house which look and smell fantastic but can create their own very serious horror if they fall into the hands of small children.

Keep them locked away at Halloween and at all other times too.  And look out for the Bitrex logo on products, it’s the last line in defence, a safety additive which tastes so bad that it’s almost impossible for a child to swallow something dangerous.  Helping to make sure that any frights you get this Halloween are fun ones.