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Toddler Terror!

It’s a parental judgment to decide when toddlers can go out trick or treating – accompanied by an adult of course. The youngest members of the family aren’t going to be left out of something quite as exciting as this.

But if you don’t want small people out and about – bring the fun indoors and have a Halloween party with an activity that’s appropriate for babies and toddlers but that include older kids too.

Keep the games easy and not too boisterous so the little ones don’t get overrun by witches, zombies and Godzilla’s younger brother.

Keep the treats suitably ghoulish -walnut (frog brains) on sticks, spaghetti (assorted insides) and anything involving treacle or tomato ketchup.

But Keep clear of anything that looks gruesome but isn’t safely edible. Small children don’t often discriminate between decorations and foodstuffs.

Keep any decorations high and safe and never use cleaning products or other domestic material as Halloween decorations - no matter how nice and blue and perfect for Dr Frankenstein’s laboratory it looks.