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Time to play safe

Hear that?

No, shh, listen again.

Hear it this time? Thought not!  It’s the sound of silence. This is the strange phenomena in many homes across the country, across Europe, maybe across the world as parents sit there in the middle of the morning in the September sun, and experience what a home sounds like when all   the children, all the toddlers maybe all the babies too are safely and educationally engaged in schools, nurseries and child care.

Yes it’s the time of silence, time, of course,   to concentrate on work again, but also time to enjoy a quiet still home.

Not for long though because September is the perfect time to re- childproof your home.

It’s something every parent does. Even before a baby makes its initial trip home for the hospital, the house will have been given the once over. And then there’s the moment  when your little  bundle becomes the fastest thing on four limbs, after the thoroughbred racehorse and the cheetah.

Then after the crawling there’s the phase when they suddenly acquire the climbing skills of a lively orangutan.  And all that  happens even before they have the big  breakthrough when they stagger up on to two legs and cause maximum mayhem.

In other words nothing stays the same with small children and making the home safe is a task that is never over and done with.

So what better time to give the house a safety once-over then when it suddenly all goes spookily quiet and there is a chance to take a proper look and keep your precautions up to date.