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The Visit

Here is a scene we all know well. You are visiting gran and grandad. You’ve just arrived and to say that the peace and quiet has been shattered, is like saying that the Romans felt the need to bang on the walls when the Vandals came to town.

Hug hug, kiss kiss, and the kids rush or crawl off, safe in the knowledge that parental wrath will be muted by the presence of gran and grandad. 

It is then that the health and safety department that lies within every parent springs to action stations. Are these kitchen cupboard doors as access? Where have the kids gone? Does grandad still decant the screen wash into lemonade bottles like he did at Christmas?

And that is the dilemma. How do you raise the issue without creating an international incident? You can’t expect grandparents to appreciate the 101 things that have to be done to make a home child-proof. 

And that’s especially the case if you don’t get to visit very grandparents very often. Babies become toddlers in the flick of a nappy. Even parents can be caught out with how fast they develop. So grandparents who missed out on a few vital months of development will be shocked and delighted to discover that an immobile little bundle has suddenly become the fastest thing on two hands and two knees.

But the safer house conversation is one that has to take place. Children need to be safe wherever they are. No matter whose home you are in the cupboards need to be secure, dangerous products have to be in their proper containers. And, of course, it’s better if the hazardous products contain Bitrex which will offer a final line of defence.