The Royal Institution | Bitrex - Keeping children safe

The Royal Institution

For hundreds of years the Royal Institution have been introducing children, and their parents, to the wonders of science. Bitrex is very excited to be taking part in this year’s family fun day out event in central London over the Halloween weekend. We’ll be giving over 500 families a chance to try Bitrex and discuss how this particular application of science has helped to protect children from accidental poisonings all round the world.

Gina Mercier from Bitrex who will be attending the event said,

‘As inventors and manufacturers of Bitrex Johnson Matthey are firm believers in how science can help protect our families. The invention of Bitrex is a perfect example of creating something new and then applying it to a very serious real world problem, reducing accidental poisonings among small children. Working with manufacturers and retailers we’ve taken our discovery from the laboratory into the kitchen and garage.

‘We’re looking forward to sharing our story with visitors at the Royal Institution, and letting them experience why the taste of Bitrex works so powerfully!’