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The halloween horrors of rats

Halloween is hard to avoid. But, as the shops fill up with gruesome masks and outlandish costumes, some very real horrors prepare to make their move. 

As the weather turns colder, this is the time of year when rats and mice are most likely to enter homes, schools and other buildings, bringing mess, damage and disease. And the menace is getting worse. Giant rats the size of small cats having been caught in some British cities! More worryingly, pest controllers report that even some normal size rats are becoming immune to some common poisons. So, how best to deal with the rodent threat?

Well, most professionals advise that prevention is better than cure. Rats and mice are very hard to eradicate from a building once they‘re inside. Whether it’s your home or workplace, the process is expensive and unpleasant, so it’s best to make sure they can’t get in. Everyone can help. Rodents need food and shelter, so make sure that bins are securely covered and kept away from the building. If you see any openings on the outside of your house or workplace that could allow rats to enter, then tell someone who can arrange to have them repaired. Lastly, try to make sure that all food (including pet food) is stored in solid, airtight containers. If rodents do invade, then poison can be necessary. If you or your colleagues do need to take this route, be very careful, as modern poisons can be dangerous to children. Always store them in the original container and never place them where children will find them. And remember, poison protected with Bitrex will make sure that, even if children do get their hands on poison, they are much less likely to ingest it.



1. Keep food and pet food in secure containers.

2. Repair any openings on the outside of your building.

3. Keep bins securely covered and away from the building.