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The Bitter - Sweet world of Bitrex

Here is the test. What connects the world’s most bitter substance, milk chocolate and St Valentine’s Day?

A bit like a question on QI or the riddles you get in the more challenging Christmas crackers, you either know this one or you don’t.

No prizes for the first half of the connection though – St Valentine’s Day is a peak moment for chocolate sales. Not just chocolate of course – the average male in the UK spends £45 on St Valentine’s day. That’s the average, of course many are more generous, but it can’t all be chocolate. Unfortunately. However, in the USA it’s not just wives and girlfriends who are on the receiving end, figures show $231m is spent on pets on St Valentine’s Day in America.

But let’s stick to the puzzle. What connects chocolate to Bitrex, the bitterest substance known to man (and woman!)?  

Well, those of you in the army of 500,000 people who have tried the Taste Test – sampled the unforgettable taste of Bitrex will know there’s only one recovery position for your taste buds, and that’s under a big slab of milk chocolate.

That’s because milk chocolate contains ingredients that take away any bitterness that might be in cocoa beans – perfect for taking away the bitter taste that makes Bitrex so effective at its job of protecting toddlers from things they shouldn’t swallow.

So, with a leap of imagination we tie up Bitrex, milk chocolate and St Valentine’s Day with a big red bow. Hope your other half has their own parcel with a big red bow already wrapped and hidden. And I hope it’s not something for the family dog!

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