Tesco Adds Bitrex - Every Little Helps! | Bitrex - Keeping children safe

Tesco Adds Bitrex - Every Little Helps!

Do major retailers like Tesco have more influence than politicians? Discuss.  

Not an escaped exam question, but a reflection on the way that supermarkets have such a big role in our lives. Love them or hate them, it’s difficult to deny that supermarkets set many agendas.

So the fact that Tesco is now adding Bitrex to their washing machine liquitabs doesn’t just mean that their own-label products will be safer. It also means that other retailers and manufacturers are likely to follow their lead and create a situation where bittering agents like Bitrex are the norm in all potentially hazardous products.

Tesco have got the ball rolling with their own-label range of detergent capsules. We hope it’s the start of a developing relationship with the retailer.

We’re delighted to be partners with Tesco in helping to keep children safe. Look out or the red Bitrex logo when you’re cruising the aisles.