‘Ten Green Bottles... | Bitrex - Keeping children safe

‘Ten Green Bottles...

...Hanging on the wall

Ten green bottles

Hanging on the wall

And if one green bottle should accidentally…

…get into the inquisitive hands of a toddler then there will be a very frightened child and even more terrified parents making a quick dash to A and E.

It’s the big nightmare for all parents, and for approximately 70 children a day in the UK, it turns into reality.  ‘How could that happen?’ is always the post-shock question. And often it’s not because the parents didn’t store the substance properly. We all know about high shelves, locking cupboards. But we also know that in the happy chaos of the family home it is difficult to be vigilant at all times. Even the best eyes in the back of the head have to blink occasionally.

But it is still vital to reduce the chances of an accidental poisoning by making your home as safe as possible. That includes avoiding an often overlooked risk – decanting materials from their original packaging into another container. Here are five reasons it’s a bad idea.

1. Tip Top Tops – child resistant containers are child resistant for a reason – any other sort of container – water bottles, bowls for laundry liquitabs just aren’t going to do the job.

2. Leaking vessels – lots of plastic bottles are so flimsy that they crack easily - so a child wouldn’t have to even break in before being able to lick the contents.

3. Red and yellow and green and blue…. Many containers of cleaners are non-see- through for a reason. Colourful liquids in a see- through bottle that isn’t child resistant is asking for trouble.

4. Forget me not – the danger with decanting into other bottles is it’s easy to forget what’s in the bottle. And so it’s easy to not lock it away safely. This is particularly true of the strange unmarked bottles and jars in garages and sheds – accidents standing on shelves waiting to happen.

5. The Final Frontier – Bitrex provides the last line of defence. It’s a substance that tastes so bad that even the most determined toddler will find it almost impossible to swallow. It’s not a substitute for keeping contents secure in their original containers and stashed away some - where secure, but it will step in at the last minute to save the day.