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Team Bitrex

The team at Bitrex has expanded. Indeed it has increased by 100% with the arrival of Gina Mercier as Assistant Business Manager. We had a chat with Gina and with Bitrex veteran Cameron Smith.

So, Cameron, what’s the plan?

We’ve had a huge expansion in interest from manufacturers and retailers. They are increasingly convinced of the value of adding Bitrex to products that could be hazardous to small children. As customers become more and more aware of our red logo they realise that parents will look out for products that are protected by Bitrex. It’s a small but effective way of showing that they care about their customers and their families. So we needed to expand the team. And less of the veteran – thank you! 

Gina, glad to be on board?

It’s great to join a great brand. But it’s even better to be part of a product that is fundamentally about being the last line of defence in helping to protect children. I had, of course, to undergo the initiation test on my first day - the unforgettable first taste of Bitrex. I couldn’t believe that something that tasted so horrible could be so harmless. But I also understood exactly why it works so well to prevent accidental swallowing. Once was enough!

Are there changes afoot, Cameron? 

We’re very keen to build on our excellent relationships with people who work with children and with their parents. Supporting the vital work that goes on for the under-fives by making material, particularly Bitrex Taste Tests, is at the core of our work. We’ve helped well over 200,000 parents sample the distinctive taste of Bitrex in the last few years, and we want to maintain and develop that relationship. Professionals tell us it’s such a powerful way to introduce the topic of keeping small children safe. We’ve also forged a fabulous partnership with the Child Accident Prevention Trust. It’s become a textbook example of a partnership between business and the voluntary sector - so we’re keen to expand and develop that relationship.

Gina, finally, are you dreading or relishing the prospect of working with Cameron on Bitrex?

I come from a manufacturing marketing background so it’s exciting to be able to apply my experience to a product that is doing something so positive. There will be plenty of challenges, but I’m looking forward to talking to people who work with children and their parents both face to face and through Bitrex Bites. I met a few under-five groups during Child Safety Week this year and I was blown away by the work that was being done. It’s a very exciting field to be working in. As for working with Cameron – I shall keep you posted.