Summer’s here | Bitrex - Keeping children safe

Summer’s here

And as the old song doesn’t say -  

‘Summer time, and the living is … not so easy, in fact could drive any but the most saintly parent to a point where unsaintly words are heard/selling your children seems not such a horrifying idea.’

We exaggerate of course. Well, only a little. Because what puts more strain on the happy family than six weeks of living together? Long weeks  of constantly thinking up new schemes, new trips, new entertainments. Indoors one day, outdoors the next always the weather catching you out, too sunny, too cold, too windy, too rainy.  Think for a second how much equipment the average toddler needs for an afternoon trip to the park. Expeditions to the heart of the Amazonian rainforest need less gear. And in the Amazon you know it will be either hot or wet or both at the same time. The average park has both these options plus about six other climate possibilities.

Sometimes a properly wet day can be a great relief. Not a ‘sunny with some chance of heavy showers’ day, or a ‘light intermittent rain’ day, but a genuine bouncing off the pavement, puddle-filler of a day.  No pressure to pack the food and the rainwear and the sun protection and the insect repellent.  No pressure to leave the house at all.

But watch out. It’s an obvious thing to say, but we will say it anyway – homes are dangerous places. Safe as houses?  Not so much. The familiarity and sense of security we have at home are exactly why there are more accidents there than anywhere else.

And at the risk of seeming obvious yet again – accidents happen where the people are. So,  the more crowded the house is, the more the distractions,  the more kids and toddlers running about,  the more likelihood there is for things to go wrong.

So you know the routine, keep the dangerous stuff out of reach, up high or locked away, buy products that contain Bitrex as a last line of defence, and, most importantly, stay alert.

And that makes for a safe and fun summer.