Spring Visits | Bitrex - Keeping children safe

Spring Visits

Now it’s properly spring, give or take the odd blizzard or two, it’s time to start thinking about visiting relatives. More specifically visiting parents and in-laws.  In the old days a visit to the parents or in-laws involved not much more than popping to the next street, or even going downstairs.

But when families are more and more likely to be scattered across countries or even between countries, then the visits are even more important. 

But just because you are on a visit to gran and grandad’s doesn’t mean to say you get to take time off from being a parent.  Well not until you have checked out the house.

Many children are involved in accidents in the spring and summer when they visit houses. Your home may be brilliantly child-proofed - plugs blocked, stairs gated, cupboards securely locked and everything that might be hazardous securely stored away.

But houses where there is less experience of keeping children safe sometimes need to be tweaked before you can let a child loose to run around.  It’s something parents can do with in-laws and parents, you all have the same interest at heart - safe kids who have a fun visit.

It doesn’t have to take long either – bring your own stair gate (you’ve probably brought everything else!), bring cupboard locks with you  and check round the house for other hazards. And don’t forget the garden and any garages or sheds if kids are going to be running about outside too.

Grandparents can help by looking out for products with the red Bitrex logo.  It’s a substance added to products by manufacturers, that tastes so bitter that even the most determined toddler is very unlikely to be able to swallow anything hazardous. It’s the perfect last line of defence.