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Spring early into Spring Cleaning!

There aren’t many downsides to spring, but teaming-up the best season of the year with the word ‘cleaning’ takes some of the shine off. 

Spring and cleaning, they go together like love and marriage or a horse and carriage. So who do we have to blame for this strange compulsion to clean the house just when the weather gets better and we can get outside?

1. Everyone – there is a long tradition of cleaning houses in springtime. Chinese tradition suggests that houses should be cleaned before the New Year – which falls in February.  European tradition goes later in the spring – just before Easter is the time to make the house fresh. And in Japan and Scotland they like to get the brushes out early and set about the dust the night before the calendar New Year on December 31st(Which does seem a bit eager),but it’s pretty much a world-wide phenomenon. 

2. Ourselves – Yes - there is a biological reason why we’re keen to get cleaning. The poor light of winter releases melatonin -a hormone that makes us sleepy. As the light picks up again in springtime this chemical melatonin levels drop and we burst into life.  Full of zest and energy - which strangely we like to use for taking the curtains down.

3. The Neighbours – Or as it’s otherwise known peer-group pressure. It’s difficult to hold out when rugs are spread out over the clothes line next door and dust clouds are rising like smoke around a pub door-way. But it can be done! Stay strong!

4. Your family – surely spring cleaning is best done co-operatively. It’s unfair to leave the task to one member of the family. Many hands…. As they say. Although we won’t go on to the one about too many cooks… But breaking up the work into lots of small tasks is a good way forward. Even the smallest members of the family can make a contribution –but just keep them away from potentially hazardous cleaning products and look out for products containing Bitrex – the last line of defence against accidental poisonings. 

And finally, the best reason of all. Once you’ve done it then it’s a full 12 months until it all has to be done again. Happy Hoovering!