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Spring Cleaners

Let’s hear it for the fans of spring cleaning. Let’s celebrate the men and women of this nation who ensure that we don’t all collapse under the accumulated junk and dirt of the winter months.

But even the most famous of spring cleaners, Mole in the Wind in the Willows, could only take so  much scrubbing and dusting. Before breaking loose and heading out in to the spring sun.

Spring cleaning is somehow more than sweeping the winter stoor out of the house. It’s no surprise  that lots of religions have spring cleaning rituals. Even the most laid back cleaner appreciates the smell of pine cleaner on an April breeze.

Of course if you want an excuse to avoid spring cleaning, you just need to look at the accident  statistics. It’s one of the most dangerous times of the year. All those ladders, the heavy objects to be  moved, contribute to a spike in hospital admissions linked to domestic accidents.

As if that weren’t bad enough there is also a spike in accidental poisonings involving children at  spring cleaning time. The reasons are straightforward. The hazardous cleaning products are  relatively safe when locked in a cupboard. It’s when they are on active service, being used to clean  and polish that they are at their most dangerous.  

Eyes in the back of the head are essential parental equipment; they should be given out at all ante‐ natal classes. But when vigilance fails, as can happen, Bitrex is there as a last line of defence. Not a substitute for safe storage or alert parents, but an extra layer of reassurance. Products containing Bitrex taste so bitter that they will be near impossible to swallow!  

So...where did I put that feather duster?