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Social safety

Another great thing about this time of year and the excitement of going back to school or nursery, or the extreme thrill of going for the first time, is the opportunity for new friends.

Let’s not undervalue the importance of education, but the value of social interaction and making friends is what nurseries and schools are all about.

Of course, later may come the fallings out too, but let’s stick with the fun of new friends.

Bringing new chums home is a vital part of developing socially, but remember that toddlers and young children develop at different rates. Little chums can be more advanced physically than the home team. They can maybe reach further, climb higher, have been shown how to get the chair over to the work surface to satisfy that long held curiosity about what is going on up there.

Little playmates can change the rules of safety in a house. So be extra vigilant with new friends, keep a close eye on them, particularly to begin with. And of course be extra careful about the storage of potentially dangerous products, and wherever you can, buy brands with the red Bitrex logo, for an extra line of defence.