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Slugs and Snails and Garden Trails

In animal popularity contests molluscs usually come home somewhere just ahead of spiders and snakes.

Unless you have a garden, in which case they have a special category all of their own. Warm, wet springs create perfect reproductive conditions (I know, I know, I didn’t want to think about that either) for slugs and snails. So our gardens are currently alive to the silent munching of prized horticulture. Gardeners of course don’t take this lying down. Chemical warfare against molluscs takes the form of slug pellets. Bad news for the slimy ones. But also bad news for any small humans who might mistake the pellets for sweets.

Mistaking slug poison for sweets is surprisingly easy. The lovely blue pellets look exactly like lovely blue sweets. Safe storage is the key, as always. But the problem is that when the pellets are used as directed – ie lying around the garden they put inquisitive toddlers at risk. Slug pellets which include Bitrex are virtually impossible for even the most determined toddlers to eat. Buy slug pellets with the Bitrex logo and gardens are safer places for children to roam.