Skoosh, skoosh | Bitrex - Keeping children safe

Skoosh, skoosh

Here is the sound of winter - scrape-scrape, scrape-scrape.  Who hasn’t lain in bed on a December morning and heard the sound of early rising neighbours out in the street taking part the morning ritual of clearing the windscreen. And whose spirits haven’t sunk knowing that you will soon be out there too, fingers turning blue, knuckles bashing off the wipers.

Which is why they invented de-icer – a clear safe screen with just as skoosh or two. And de-icer with added Bitrex is doubly safe as it will get your screen just as clear without the risk to the kids.

The problem with de-icer is that you need it close by.  The last thing you need on a dark morning with everyone running late is to have trouble finding it.  So despite what we all know about tidying away and locking cupboards, de-icers are often found near the back door, or rolling around the foot-well in the back of the car.  De-icers smell and look intriguing and are in very interesting containers.  With Bitrex added  to the  de-icer it’s almost impossible for even the most determined toddler to swallow. And the glycol in de-icer isn’t stuff you want your child to swallow.

So, there is no substitute for alert parents making sure the de-icer is kept safe, but a brand that includes Bitrex will add an extra layer of reassurance. And on these icy winter mornings you need one less thing to worry about.