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Sibling Conspiracies

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Keeping an eye of toddlers is easier said than done. Most parents have their own particular tricks for keeping their well-worn back-of- the-head eyes open. You know the signs. When it all goes quiet you know there’s something wrong. Which is why most accident in the home happen when the grown-ups are distracted. When there are lots of people about when there’s extra chaos on top of the normal household chaos. Lots of adults + lots of kids = bigger risk of dangers. Always have at least one adult keeping an eye on the toddlers or why not educate older siblings of the dangers of accidental poisining in the home? 

Toddlers are learning every second of every day. Life is a stream of new experiences and new discoveries. They take nothing for granted and absorb what’s going on around them faster than a Peppa Pig bathsponge. They learn from everyone and everybody. Older brothers and sisters are particularly good teachers. At a year or two older they are just as fascinated by the world. But watch out they don’t learn the wrong tricks. Lots of accidental poisonings happen because older siblings helpfully open the cupboard or get the top off.