Sharing is Caring | Bitrex - Keeping children safe

Sharing is Caring

Child Safety Week is coming up fast. 5TH to 11TH June to be precise.

For those of you who say – ‘excellent. That time of the year again, where can I get involved?’  - we say, go to the Child Accident Prevention Trust website  and see what’s going on.

To those of you who say – ‘what on earth is that? -  we say, ‘lucky you, you can join in the fun for the first time.’

Child Safety Week is the biggest national community based safety event in the country. From Shetland to the Scillies and from west Wales to East Anglia, thousands of events are being organised as we speak. It’s  about raising awareness of  how to keep children safe, but it’s all done in a fun and engaging way.

The people who organise the activities are nursery nurses, health visitors, safety officers, anyone in fact with an interest in making the world a safer place for children.

One of the most entertaining but educational events that people organise as part of Child Safety Week is the Bitrex Taste Test. This is the most bitter substance in the world that we are talking about.  More bitter than lemons, more bitter than an old enemy, it’s truly  a taste to experience.

What better way to experience it than with a group of like-minded parents.  Just imagine the grimaces, the tongues sticking out, the embarrassing photos taken. All  good fun. And a  great way to find out more about why Bitrex is added to potential dangerous products and how more can be done to keep children safe.

This year’s Child Safety Week has the theme of Sharing is Caring, and trying the Taste Test is a brilliant way to get parents to share their experiences and top tips for keeping children safe .Half a million people have tried it, and none have forgotten the experience. So look out for events locally or look on the CAPT website for further information.


Get your free tatste test kit here: