Setting a Good Egg-sample | Bitrex - Keeping children safe

Setting a Good Egg-sample

What is more fun at Easter than an egg hunt in the garden?  Very little is the short answer. Assuming the weather doesn’t suddenly revert back to winter, it’s the perfect way of amusing a gang of toddlers. To counter the effects of all that chocolate, it’s a way of getting them to do a bit of exercise before the silver paper comes off.

But keeping kids safe as they rummage the garden needs a bit of preparation –

  1. Make sure there’s nothing dangerous in the long grass or even the neatly trimmed grass. Check for forgotten discarded garden tools, glass, dog and cat dirt, slug-bait (brands protected with Bitrex will keep children safe in the last resort), but best to clear up anyway.
  2. Look out of poisonous plants.
  3. Make sure the garden shed and garage is locked and out of bounds. There’s lots of stuff in there you don’t want toddlers poking about. Screenwash, antifreeze, are all things to keep toddlers well away from. You can provide the last line of defence by buying brands containing Bitrex, but best to padlock away.
  4. Wrap the Easter eggs well, the thin silver paper isn’t enough to protect them from garden dirt.
  5. Keep an eye on them. Don’t just let the toddlers off the lead and turn your back. It’s not the time for the parents to have a break and sample the Easter wine. Toddlers need supervision, particularly when they’re hunting for eggs
  6. Why not get the grown-ups to join in?  Then they can set a good egg-sample and keep an eye on what the toddlers are up to.