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See the world through your child's eyes!

At Bitrex we believe that the most direct route to making your home and surroundings safer is to look through your child’s eyes. Get your toddler goggles on and see the world differently. Here are five ways to see like a three year old:

1. On your knees – the first step is to step down. Get on your knees and you start to see the world from the same angle as a toddler. And the first thing you see is what you can’t see. The tantalising handle sticking out over the edge of the work surface – what else could be up there? What are these clouds? Steam? Where is it coming from? All very intriguing and just out of reach. Unless there was a handy chair…..

2. Lianas in the jungle – The imagination of toddlers doesn’t leave things as they are. From down here – you’re still on your knees I hope? - that iron cable looks much more interesting than an iron cable. And you can’t see what’s at the other end of it. 

3. Hole in the Wall Gang – down here at toddler level the details are fun too. These electric sockets look enormous - and very interesting. Any clutter left on the floor could throw up something interesting if you dig deep enough. 

4. Back to the Future – but it’s not just seeing the world from a different angle that makes toddlers different – they use what they see in a different way too. Until they get older they can’t predict the future. Not that adults are very good at that. But we can usually link something hot with getting burned a few seconds later. Or work out that cleaners won’t taste as good as they look.

5. Taking it all in – Grown-ups can look at a bottle of window cleaner and see that it smells and looks great but isn’t intended for drinking. A toddler just sees something that smells and looks good -- they don’t see the whole picture.

Safety education classes for parents and carers have long used the toddler’s point of view as a way of starting a discussion about how to make the home safer. Adults are towering giants to toddlers and they have a totally different view of the world. Adults can see things that toddlers can’t. It’s not that we’re smarter than toddlers we can just see more and can make connections that toddlers can’t.

Don’t wait to take part in an organised safety education class. Seeing the home from a toddler’s angle can be done anytime. It is by far the best way to see the pinch points the places where there are dangers for your child that you might not have seen before. Pick a quiet time, maybe when your child’s at nursery - otherwise it’s a great game that will distract you from the task in hand! And don’t worry if you’re caught by a friend coming round. They won’t be at all surprised to find a grown adult crawling around the kitchen – not after you’ve explained what you’re up to!