Safer Winter Motoring | Bitrex - Keeping children safe

Safer Winter Motoring

As well as ensuring that your car starts on a frosty morning and that you can see what’s going on through the windscreen, two of the country’s biggest automotive suppliers are helping to contribute to safety beyond the open road.

Halfords and Prestone are the market leaders in anti-freeze and screen wash products. From this year they are beginning to introduce Bitrex to a range of their products.

Prestone Screen Wash Contains Bitrex

We are all aware of the dangers of anti-freeze and screen wash. Anti-freeze in particular can have devastating consequences if accidentally swallowed and the very high alcohol content in screen wash makes it almost as dangerous.

Unfortunately, both products look and smell much more benign than they really are. The blue colouring and sweet smell of anti-freeze would not discourage a toddler and the range of smells and colours in screen wash are very intriguing from a child’s perspective.

Accidental poisonings from these products are thankfully very rare, and the knowledge levels about safe and secure storage well understood. There are also good child resistant closures on these products.

And yet, and yet... We all know that the key problem is that moment of inattention. Real life is rough and ready and not lived as in a textbook. Screen wash, for example, has to be easily to hand. It’s often rattling about the kitchen and sometimes decanted into old water bottles or similar for convenience.  And it’s not so easy to find secure storage in a car where screen washer bottles often end up.

Halfords Anti-Freeze Contains Bitrex

These are products where Bitrex can make a big difference as the last line of defence.  Products with the Bitrex logo clearly displayed will be on shop shelves this season and more will follow. Halfords and Prestone are keen to do their own publicity to draw attention to the new additive and to alert motorists to the hazards of winter products.