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Resolutions, resolutions

Resolutions, they say, are like rules and hearts - made to be broken. But a good resolution is the perfect sort of promise. You feel great when you deliver on it, but only you know if you don’t come up to the mark.

Here’s a few key resolutions for mums and dads of toddlers –

1. Get out more – not just you – but all of you. Nothing is more stimulating for expanding minds than expanding horizons. Visit places and people, give them new experiences and things to talk about. And you don’t have to take them to Spain – a trip to the park is a huge adventure when your 3 foot high.

2. Get out more – Yes you! - . When you’re with a baby or toddler you’re on call all the time – never off duty. So make time to be a normal grownup with your own interests and enthusiasms. Because it’s your own excitements, sport or art or just having a circle of friends that aren’t baby focussed, that make you a better parent with interests to pass on. Did you know for example that a mum who does sports is the strongest predictor that a child will be active?

3. Do more with your toddler – You don’t have to get out to have a stimulating environment in the home. Children learn more in the first three years than they do at any other stage. Give them an interesting, but safe space at home with lots of stimulation.

4. Jibber- jabber, chitter-chatter – keep talking to your toddler – nothing else helps development quite as much.

5. Stay safe, always – it’s the first and most fundamental job of being a parent. Keep unsafe material locked away, look out for the red Bitrex logo for extra reassurance, but above all stay alert. It’s not Usain Bolt who is the fastest human on earth, it’s an average 2 year old!