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Party Plans

House full of relatives, music, lights, alcoholic refreshments, party poppers, all generations present - what could be a more complete Christmas? And what could possibly go wrong?

Well quite a lot, is the short answer. Christmas is the peak period for accidents with RoSpa estimating 80,000 trips to A&E, many of these miserable journeys start from that core of Christmas cheer- the family Christmas party. It’s not difficult to see why.

1. Christmas Chaos – you’d think that the more adults there were around the safer children would be. But the difficulty is that everyone thinks that someone else is looking out for the kids and in the crowd things can go wrong. 

2. Kitchen capers – in the best parties the action is always in the kitchen. Which is true for adults perhaps but with lots of children about, the action should be taken right out of the kitchen. Just because it’s Christmas it doesn’t mean that the usual dangers, the under the sink products, the steaming pots, kettles and drinks, the teetering iron on the ironing board, and the dangling cables aren’t just as dangerous as at any other time.

3. Conspiring cousins – What fun it is to have all the cousins round – but remember that small children can get into all sorts of mischief with the ‘help’ of slightly older children. There are many recorded cases of older children ‘helpfully’ opening cupboards and caps that are cunningly protected against toddlers, but can’t outwit a six year old. When it all goes quiet it’s time to round up the children.

4. Cup of caution – trips to A+E don’t just involve the obvious household products that we know to keep locked away, safely out of reach. Lots of children and toddlers make the Christmas trip no one wants to make after sampling the lovely looking left over in the party guests’ glasses.

Have a wonderful Christmas - keep it fun, festive and safe.