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Party Planning

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire aren’t the only hazard to small children at this time of year. There are more yuletide dangers than there are days of Christmas. From falling Xmas trees to the dangers of left over glasses of alcohol to a multitude of electrical risks – a full and helpful list is available from RoSPA

 It is not a time for parents to relax. As if! If you know of a less relaxing time of the year let me know.

Part of the problem of course is that no one wants to hear about the risk of accidents at a time that should be all about fun, but keeping everyone safe at Christmas shouldn’t spoil anybody’s fun - like all home safety it’s just about common sense, common sense and staying alert. 

 Staying alert is the tricky bit when the house is full of people and the grown-ups start to lose track of where the children have got to. But that’s exactly when the accidents happen, especially if there are older friends and siblings to help get the younger ones into trouble.

Partly it’s doing a house check as part of party planning.  Making sure the kitchen cupboards are well secured, buying products with the Bitrex logo as an extra line of defence and generally making your home as safe as it can be. You wouldn’t have people round without hoovering first - so make child proofing part of the pre-party routine.

If you don’t usually have children at home but are having small visitors around the festive season then it’s even more important that you make it as safe as possible. Hospitality is what Christmas is all about, so make it a safe welcome as well as a warm one.