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Partners in Time

Partnerships – what would we do without them? Both at work and at home we’d be a bit on our own if we were...err... on our own.
At Bitrex one of our longest partnerships is with the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT). It’s possibly one of the longest commercial-charity partnerships around. To be fair, we have a few shared interests, always a good start in any partnership. CAPT are the UK’s leading agency with a particular focus on preventing accidents to children. Bitrex makes the bitterest substance in the world, a safety additive dedicated to eliminating accidental child poisonings.
But just because you both like watching Strictly with a bowl of nuts and a glass of Sauvignon, there’s no guarantee that you have a shared lifetime of bliss ahead of you. Similarly it takes a bit more than overlapping objectives to make a corporate partnership spark. 
What does help is having a fixed task to work on together. And there are few tasks more challenging than the UK’s biggest community participation safety event. Bitrex have sponsored Child Safety Week for as long as anyone can remember. And before you say it, yes we do have good memories here.
But we’re not the kind of sponsor to send a cheque and ask for a report when it’s all over. Over the years our infamous Bitrex Taste Test has stunned the taste-buds of over 500,000 mums, dads, carers, granddads, grandmas and innocent passersby. We’ve supplied and supported the brilliant child-care workers, health workers, nursery staff and volunteers who’ve made the Taste Tests happen.
We’ve developed a winning partnership with CAPT because we all get our sleeves rolled up and get stuck in. Not a bad formula for the other type of partnership either. 
If you haven't already started planning for Child Safety Week, you will be able to find an abundance of information on CAPT's website and indeed on our own website you can order your free Bitrex Taste Test!  Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Twitter as well over the next few weeks, we will be posting regularly about organising your Child Safety Week events!