Paparazzi Time | Bitrex - Keeping children safe

Paparazzi Time

Lots of groups have boosted their profile by inviting local media along to their Child Safety Week event. Local newspapers in particular are always on the lookout for interesting pictures and what could be a more fun pic than lots of mums and dads sampling the bitter taste of Bitrex.

Here’s some tips for the perfect press partnerships –

Make contact with the local newspaper or radio station – a phone call to see who might be interested is the best thing. Make sure you get put through to editorial and not advertising – no one has the budget to pay for adverts!

Once you have the email  then send an advance notice of the event – time,  place, who will be there what will be happing – I know, I know,  it’s basic stuff – but you’d be surprised how many people miss out the vital stuff  - like the start time! Then head this up with the words PRESS RELEASE.

If you just want the paper’s  photographer to come along then head it up PHOTO OPPORTUNITY.

Don’t forget community newsletters and websites – they’re often the places people go to find out what’s on.

Use social media – everyone can be a Patsy or Edina if you have lots of connections on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Using pictures of persons tasting  Bitrex is a striking way of letting people know what you’re up to. Just upload them at#BitrexTasteTest.